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Title Song Title
Chris Young You're Gonna Love Me
Rod Stewart You're In My Heart
Joel Plaskett Emergency You're Mine
Queen You're My Best Friend
Keith Urban You're My Better Half
Lil Malcolm and the House Rockers You're My Everything
Zero 7 You're My Flame
Righteous Brothers, The You're My Soul and Inspiration
Stereophonics You're My Star
Tracy Spuehler You're My Star
Van Halen You're No Good
James Justin and Co You're Not Alone
Marie Miller You're Not Alone
Blood Orange You're Not Good Enough
They Might Be Giants You're Not the Boss of Me
Dead 60's, The You're Not the Law
Sky Ferreira You're Not the One
MxPx You're on Fire
They Might Be Giants You're On Fire
Kelley Stoltz You're Out of This World