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The WAWL Students - Spring 2014

        Angela McClister
        ☆ Angela McClister ☆
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Nathan Braden is the host of the Local Music Show, exclusively for artists who perform live acts in Chattanooga. The show airs each Thursday from 6-8pm. If you hear it on the Local Music show, you can catch it live at a venue near you!
Although listed as a Radio Announcer, DMac is the nuts-and-bolts guy who does the behind the scenes production work and deals with the technical problems to keep the WAWL broadcasting twenty-four hours per day and who assists radio class students with their learning challenges.
Uncle Don, the Music and Program Director. The WAWL's exciting and magnetic on-air segments span the spectrum from Reggae to Native American, New Age, Jazz, Metal, Punk, Local, hip-hop and R&B. The Chattanooga market is a "stepping stone" for many celebrated musicians, making the WAWL's focus on local talent a very popular launching pad for new talent in the area. The WAWL's unique alternative format also appeals to a broad demographic audience by filling a musical void.
It's Sly The Cat here in Swanktown "cool like jazz and never ever nervous, tuxedo tested, martini ready, your ultimate swank lounge lizard at your service". When they ask who's your Swanktown connection say Sly The Cat! Listen to these modern urban fairy tales laced with delicious grooves and cool tunes and learn the secrets of swank. Available in a one hour commercial format or half hour non commercial. It's like Garrison Keillor for the martini set with traces of Lord Buckley, Phil Hendrie and Al “Jazzbeaux" Collins. Now swank it, baby!
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